2011 Winners
Winners Book

The Bessies is presented by the Broadcast Executive Society (BES)
and produced by the Television Bureau of Canada (TVB). Veronica Low,
President of BES and Theresa Treutler, President and CEO of TVB,
wish to thank the Bessies judging panel and all our sponsors and
supporters for helping make this year's show a success.

Executive Co-Producer: Veronica Low President, BES
Executive Co-Producer: Aaron Starkman Bessies Chair, CP+B
Executive Co-Producer: Theresa Treutler President & CEO, TVB
Producer, Director: Andy Stinton
Production Manager: Nancy Sinclair
Audio Visual Events Supplier: AV-Canada
Events Planner: Taylor Kormann

Thanks to AdBeast for hosting The Bessies website. We would also
like to thank the following people and companies for their contributions:

2011 Bessies. Ads with Ideas

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Art Director: Jon Lane
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Executive Producer: Lexy Kavluk
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Music Company: RMW music
Music composer: Mark Rajakovic
Audio Director: Ted Rosnick
Sound Designer: Vald Nikolic
Engineer: Dustin Anstey

Supporters - Adbeast, Bell Media, CBC, CP+B, The Hive, Imagine Studios, Marketing, MIJO, Source Creative